Casket Burial

The selection of an interment site is a personal process. The final choice made by a family will be based on the interment option selected, the location selected, the type of memorial preferred, and the suitability of the site within the Burial Park.


Currently lot selections can be made in the Royal Oak community Mausoleum, Section T–Terraces or the Woodlands Natural Burial Zone. All lots permit for 1 single depth casket interment and the secondary interment of a limited number of cremated remains.

  • Royal Oak Community Mausoleum has indoor and outdoor, above ground crypts that are dry and secure and permit single or companion entombment. Crypt entombment is comparable in cost to in-ground burial. Please refer to the Mausoleum Services link for more detailed information.
  • Section ‘T’ – The Terraces – Section ‘T’ is a conventional interment section that features a combination of:
    • Flat Marker Lots: Only flat, ground level markers are permitted on these lots (max. 3 flat markers per lot).
    • Upright Monument Lots: These lots permit the installation of 1 upright monument and flat, ground level markers (max. 1 upright and 3 flat markers per lot). Normally, the upright monument is the first memorial placed on the lot.
  • Woodlands Natural Burial Zone is an alternative burial area dedicated to green or natural burial. Natural burial is regarded as a statement of personal values for those seeking to minimize their impact on the local and global environment. Natural burial is an environmentally sensitive practice where human remains are returned to the earth to decompose naturally and contribute to new life. Human remains are prepared for natural burial without embalming and are buried in a fully biodegradable casket. Woodlands designated sections feature a combination of:
    • Ground Lots: Only low ground cover and shrubs are planted. No memorials are permitted on Woodlands lots.
    • Tree Lots: A tree, along with ground cover, can be planted on these lots. No memorials are permitted on Woodlands lots.
  • Older Sections: Lots, subject to limited availability, are sometimes available in older sections of the Burial Park. Memorials allowed on these lots must be consistent with other memorials installed in the section and with Burial Park rules and regulations governing memorials.


Grave liners are installed for cemetery maintenance and safety purposes. A liner ensures burial sections are level; allowing cemetery visitors, workers and equipment to pass over existing graves safely. A standard grave liner will not prevent the entrance of water and other gravesite elements into the space occupied by the remains.

A grave liner is mandatory for each casket interment except in areas designated for Woodlands natural burial, where no liner or vault is permitted.


A protective vault serves the same maintenance and safety function as a standard liner but it also provides protection for the interred remains. The heavier, reinforced construction of a burial vault gives added strength against the weight of the earth above and surrounding the vault. In addition to improved structural strength a protective vault has a sealing lid and high impact ABS lining that combine to seal the vault and can protect the interred casket and decedent from the entrance of water and other gravesite elements.


The interment process includes the opening of the grave, installation of the liner or vault, provision and use of related graveside service equipment and dressings, closing of the grave, and grounds personnel and administrative services.

Interments can be scheduled Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. The Burial Park office must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the interment time. Interment services arriving at the Burial Park later than 3:30 p.m. may be subject to overtime charges. Saturday interments are permitted but an additional fee is charged for this service.

Families are responsible for providing pallbearers to transfer the casket from the funeral coach to the gravesite.

At the conclusion of the graveside committal service, families may elect to:

  • Leave the gravesite with the casket to be lowered after all attendees have left the cemetery;
  • Witness the casket being lowered either to ground level or completely into the grave;
  • Witness the lowering of the casket, placement of the liner or vault lid, and the complete filling of the grave to ground level (a 45 – 60 min. process);
  • For Woodlands natural burial, families can participate in the casket lowering and filling of the grave.


The Burial Park and Mausoleum are open every day of the year for visiting. The gates are opened at 8:30 a.m. and are closed and locked at dusk. Visiting hours and flower regulations are posted on the information kiosk immediately inside the Burial Park gates and on other signs located in the Burial Park.


Flowers placed at a grave site as part of an interment service are permitted to remain on the grave for a maximum of 2 weeks.

A flower vase and protective tile are installed at the time of an interment. For the first 2 years following interment, if the vase or tile are damaged or go missing they will be replaced at no cost to the family. After 2 years the vase and tile can be replaced for a nominal fee payable by the party requesting replacement.

Only fresh cut flowers may be placed in grave flower vases from March 1 through November 30. Artificial flowers are permitted only December 1 through February 28.

Flower vases are not installed in Woodlands natural burial graves and, except for at the time of an interment, extraneous floral tributes or displays may not be placed on Woodlands natural burial sites.


Graves remain unmarked until the family arrange for a permanent memorial. If a family anticipates a lengthy delay in making a decision regarding a permanent memorial they can arrange for a temporary concrete identification marker to be installed by the Burial Park.

The location and type of lot selected will determine what form of permanent memorial may be placed on a grave. Permanent grave markers will be fabricated from either solid granite or, bronze mounted on a granite or concrete base. The Burial Park offers a full line of granite markers and bronze markers for purchase.

Permanent memorialization in Woodlands natural burial zones is made in the form of inscriptions made onto communal memorial boulders. Individual markers are not permitted in Woodlands natural burial zones.

All memorials, markers and monuments must comply with established Burial Park rules and regulations. Detailed information on Burial Park memorial regulations is available at the Burial Park office. Also, all local area stonemasons are familiar with these regulations and can assist you in making arrangements for the placement of a memorial.

The Burial Park offers a full line of flat Single Markers or Double Markers for sale from the Burial Park office. For upright monuments or highly customized memorials we recommend families consult directly with a stonemason. A list of the local stonemasons can be found at our Community Partners page.


Provincial cemetery legislation stipulates that contributions be made to the Care Fund of the cemetery each time a lot is sold, a memorial is installed or certain interment services are provided. The Care Fund portion of a purchase price is invested into a legally protected fund that is established for the long term care of the cemetery. The principal of the fund is protected by law and only the interest income generated by the Care Fund can be used for maintenance of the cemetery, ‘in perpetuity’.


The total cost related to the purchase and use of a grave is the sum of: the location selected, the interment fee, the grave liner or vault, the memorial selected, the memorial installation fee and the required contributions to the Care Fund. Price lists, if not accompanying this information, are available from the Burial Park office.

View / print the Burial Services price list here


Most Burial Park products and services may be prearranged and prepaid. When products or services are fully prepaid the good or service paid for is guaranteed to be provided in the future at no additional cost. Prearrangement and prepayment ensure that your personal wishes are known and followed by your survivors and that the cost of those wishes are covered and guaranteed.


The use of any lot, all interment services, and the type and installation of memorials must comply with the established rules and regulations of the Burial Park. A summary of these rules and regulations is available at the Burial Park office.

View / print a Rules & Regulations summary here

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