(Cremation Services) Burial

A special place for remembrance

In-ground burial of a cremation urn, like traditional burial, gives family and friends a special place to visit, in perpetuity. A place where a permanent memorial—from a headstone to a simple plaque—marks forever the final resting place of a cherished family member. Following are some of the locations and burial options to choose from throughout the Park.

Cremation Terraces

Located in Section T, these cremation gardens feature lots for individuals, couples and families. Set on landscaped terraces, each with lots ranging in various sizes for one urn, two urns, or the corner estates that accommodate up to eight urns. Also offered are our unique and exclusive Cremation Vessels, which can accommodate the communal interment of up to 14 family members over several generations.

Garden of Remembrance

Located near the entrance to The Park and adjacent to the Garden Chapel, this verdant garden features lots designed for single interments. The urn is placed in a concrete vault in the ground and a granite or bronze tablet, with a personalized memorial inscription, forms the lid of the vault.

“You went out of your way to make sure that I was able to have space for me to think and decide on so many things and the choices that felt right….Thank you for helping me to do just the right things to say goodbye…”



“Fraction” Cremation Graves

Throughout Royal Oak Burial Park there are sites unsuitable for casket interment, but perfectly suited for cremation interment. These individual and companion graves offer more choices regarding the size and style of marker that can be used, and also allow for the option of a protective cremation burial vault.

Existing Grave

Interment of the cremated remains of up to two people may be added to an existing casket grave, and additional markers may be placed on the grave for each interment. Proof of relationship to the existing interred deceased and their authority to use these secondary interment privileges is required.