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Just the Facts

FOUNDED BY: The City of Victoria
The Corporation of the District of Saanich
OPERATORS: The Board of Cemetery Trustees of Greater Victoria – Comprised of 6 volunteer directors with 3 trustees appointed by each of Victoria and Saanich.

Also serving as a non-voting member of the Board is the person who acts as Secretary Treasurer to the Board and as Executive Director of the Burial Park.

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PHILOSOPHY: An Essential Public Service…

Non-Sectarian – services are provided to all persons irrespective of race, colour, religion, or any other categorization.

Not For Profit – all revenues that are collected or generated at the Burial Park are used solely for the benefit of the cemetery. No person(s) and neither stakeholder municipality retain any cemetery revenues for their personal or general benefit.

Full Cost Recovery – all development, operations and care costs are recovered through the fees charged for the goods and services offered.

No Taxpayer Subsidy – the Burial Park receives no tax dollar subsidy from either of its stakeholder municipalities.

PERPETUAL CARE: Caring For Family Memories…

The sale of each lot and installation of every form of memorial infers a commitment between the purchaser and the Burial Park that the cemetery and their memorial lots will be maintained in perpetuity. As required under the Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act a portion of each fee collected for every lot and for every form of memorial installed is invested into the Care Fund of the cemetery.

The principal of the Care Fund is protected by law and only the interest generated by the fund may be applied to costs directly related to care and maintenance of interment and memorial sites. The fund cannot be used for expenses not related to maintenance.

  • Burial Park 1st interment November 30, 1923
  • Chapel, Garden of Remembrance & Crematorium open 1937
  • Grove of Remembrance opens 1937
  • Columbarium Grove opens 1988
  • Royal Oak Mausoleum opens 1996
  • Administration Building opens 1998
  • Section ‘W’ – 1st upright monument section opens 2000
  • Memorial Woods nature path opens 2002
  • Section T – Interment Terraces open spring 2008
  • Woodlands green burial interment zone opens fall 2008

To learn more about the history and community heritage of the Burial Park please visit our History page.